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Freelance journalist and photographer operating in Madagascar and East Africa.

I work with people in forgotten places, to raise their voices to a global attention.

I believe that in giving a face to the beauty and brutality of life lived on front lines, we share in the stories and respond in compassion and awe instead of ignorance.


I grew up and studied in London, completed an MA at the University of Edinburgh then enrolled in a year of fine art at City & Guilds.

In 2015, aged 24, I was offered a position in Madagascar with the opportunity to work in some of the most inaccessible parts of the island; photographing, filming and reporting for a humanitarian NGO.

Over 2 years, my work with this NGO trained me to read the human stories through the veils of culture, history and language. The richness I witnessed in these perspectives compelled me to find new ways to communicate the truths of marginalised people.

With this vocation, I returned to Madagascar independently to explore the unheard stories of this vast and intricate nation.

Currently based in Nairobi, I am operating across East Africa but forever plotting my next return to Mada.